Entry #1

i hate shit talkers.

2010-01-22 20:51:35 by YeaitsSilas

Yeah, yeah, i know my videos are no good compared to what else is on Newgrounds. I've been a Newgrounds viewer since i was like 11. I just started using Flash CS4 like 3 months ago, and i still hardly know the basics. But seriously, cut me some slack... i love drawing and animating. Besides, my videos arent THAT bad. I mean, compared to some submissions on newgrounds, my stuff doesnt look that bad. I'm decent at lip synching, animating, and voice acting (you can stop telling me the sound quality sounds like shit, i am aware. that doesnt mean you cant hear me....) All i'm just trying to say is gimme a fuckin' break guys... seriously.


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2010-01-22 21:04:57

"i love drawing and animating. "
I stopped reading right there. Why you might ask. Well, because that is all that fucking matters. You need to thicken up that skin of yours and enjoy what you do and acknowledge what you can improve, but when it comes to assholes and shittalkers, laugh and then act mad. Don't get mad and then laugh. Doesn't work that way, trust me.

YeaitsSilas responds:

That's legit. I totally understand what your talking about. Not gonna lie, I feel like a complete prima donna now that I look at the post I made. I haven't been exactly keeping up with animating, but I've been drawing tons, so someday I'm sure I will go back to posting animations. I'll remember what y said to me next time I get some shit from someone on here, because you're totally right. It's no big deal If some people don't like my shit, cuz I can only get better, and it really shouldn't matter to me what people say about my stuff.

Thanks for the constructive criticism.


2010-01-22 23:34:24

right wirght


2010-01-23 01:42:36

ok then